Axis International Marketing, inc

A Global Corporation for E-Commerce using Traditional and New Media

Mission Statement

Develop global e-commerce opportunities through an Intranet of one-product web sites with multi-continental servers providing access to on-line purchase of software products and downloadable informational materials over the Internet.

e-commerce - Traditional marketing - Business development - International Networking

Executive Development - Employee training - Consultant management - Administration

Communications - Corporate - Government - Political - Investor - Media - Business

Global - Strategies - Tactics - Perceptions - Insights – Experience

The Team Leader

Gene Zarwell, president.

Chief Corporate Strategy Officer

Much of Gene’s global marketing experience comes from contracts with international organizations.

the New York world’s fair, Atlantic Olympic committee, C.I.O.R. Military competitions, Pope John V’s church music conference and SofTool USSR staged in Moscow.

Gene’s 34 years as an Army Reserve officer concurrent with his civilian marketing career, had him in more than 25 countries as a commander of troops and top level strategy advisor at the Pentagon.

Gene has more than 35 years in traditional marketing and 10 years in internet marketing with several web sites generating cash flow.

Corporate life for Gene was at The Bendix Corporation as a regional PR and marketing executive for 12 Divisions and Subsidiaries in the high-tech arena including the U.S. Space program.

At A.T.O. he managed a friendly merger.

Plus, his worldwide advertising and PR experience enhances his B2B and consumer marketing techniques. Stints at Ad agencies, McCann-Erickson, J.W.T., Grey and Ketchum PR  


Keeping it simple makes it profitable

Axis International is incorporated in Wilmington, Delaware as a marketing company

It’s treasurer or CEO will be one of two signatures on a holding company account for investment funds.

A holding company will be formed to retain the investment funds for distribution as needed or scheduled for R&D and Advertising.

A trustee or lead investor will be the other of two signatures on the investment account.

A board of Directors is being  formed with presence of strategic partners form around the world.


Business Concept

Axis products will be offered over the internet on one-product sites.

These sites out sell all other sites because of the speed at which a decision to buy and receive the product can be consummated.

Sales are pre-paid before delivery including those requesting multi-user licenses.

Pricing is low enough to avoid buyers remorse and comparable with competing hardware sales.

Transactions take as little as 35 seconds and no more than 2 minutes depending upon credit card verification.



Financial Plan

In part our program will take advantage of subscription service strategies by releasing new products each quarter year as explored by Microsoft and AOL.

Offers a stable cash flowCreates repeat sales within each niche market

Builds product awareness among associates in each niche

Our plan uses new-media to capture sales

In part our program will build upon traditional media advertising to reach target audiences.


Allows media concentration to one niche at a time
Keep advertising budget consistent each month
Generates an urgency in each niche without overload

Uses familiar media repeatedly

Although free-requires paid services or contractors

Internet banner ads to create awareness of active links

Affiliate programs to recruit strategic partners

Opt-in/out email to niche influencers and industry leaders

Search engine registration to keep our site in top five

Acceptance of 130 global currencies

Sales are U.S. dollars in global markets

Foreign sales will have instant conversion

Settlements will take place within 18 days

Promotes product as available in any of 180 countries


 Axis International Marketing, Inc.



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